Upgrade to a Better Roof

Look into roof replacement options in Sterling Heights, MI

Is your asphalt shingle roof on its last legs? Maybe a storm recently damaged it or it's simply old and worn-down. Either way, if you need a roof replacement in Sterling Heights, MI, you should turn to True Built, LLC.

Our lead contractor has over 20 years of experience working on countless roof repairs, so our team knows how to tell whether a roof is beyond repair. Plus, we also know how to install a roof that's up to code and won't fall victim to common issues. You can trust that your new roof will last. If it doesn't, you'll have a 30-year warranty as backup.

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Storms aren't gentle on roofs

Roofs are especially susceptible to storm damage. If a severe storm has passed over your property, you'll probably need a professional roofer to inspect your property. If you do end up needing a storm damage roof replacement, we'll take care of the job. We offer sound advice, attentive customer care and exceptional results.

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